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Years of experience in modern interior, retail and product design have given the team at Zilbers Design the ambition and opportunity to go big. Whether it is corporate, retail, interior, furniture or product design, one initial idea permeates all projects – transforming the ordinary and finding innovative ways of blending functionality with pure aesthetic pleasure.


The Services We Offer You:

  • *Interior design and implementation
  • *Exhibition stands design and construction
  • *Product design and development
  • *Original outdoor advertising design
  • *Full production cycle


We are seeking long-term partners worldwide, wherever creative and functional design is appreciated, including advertising agencies, corporate clients, private customers, design and art object retailers, architects and developers.


For further information, feel free to drop a line at hello@zilbersdesign.com


 Peteris Zilbers, Designer

Peteris Zilbers, Designer
After completion of his studies, Peteris Zilbers gained more than 10 years of experience in retail, interior and product design. During this time, the designer received international recognition for his fresh and non-traditional approach to ordinary items and concepts.
+371 29 13 42 37

Kris, brand manager

Krisjanis Kirilovs, Brand Manager
Having worked as a freelance copywriter for almost a decade, Kris met Peter absolutely by chance. Sharing the same vision and goals for a design brand, Kris joined the team to help evolve the idea of finding the extraordinary in ordinary places.

Eline Buka

Eline Buka, Designer / Photographer
Architecture, design and a passion for all things contemporary and aesthetic go hand in hand. This is exactly the case for Eline, who, after studying architecture in Milan turned to fulfilling her creative potential in modern design and photography.

Miks Kalmanis

Miks Kalmanis, Finance Manager
As much as the creative flair drives forth art, punctuality and accuracy help ideas come to life. During his years in Cologne, Germany, Miks learned the famous German precision, which is an invaluable asset in finance.